I do commissions for fellow twitch streamers! Emotes, alerts, channel page assets, or whatever else you might need! Email me and let’s talk!


Emotes include 3 pngs, 28×28, 56×56, 112×112
Pricing: $30 per emote
Affiliate Special – $10 off every 3rd emote! (so order 6 emotes, that’s $20 off).

Sub Badges

 I have two Affiliate-level packages, depending on style and complexity. Obviously, partners will be a bit more since they have more months!
Packages include 4 badges, 3 pngs per badge, 18×18, 36×36, 72×72
Simple Color Change Package: $40
Unique Badge Package: depending on complexity, package starts at $60.


I am a trained animator, and work in a variety of 2D programs. Pricing begins at $150 for a simple 1-2 second loop animation (like those above), and goes up depending on how ambitious you want to go!


Profile pictures? Channel banners? OC Designs? Fanart? A gift for your sweet grandma? I can draw what you want! Just email me and we can figure out pricing, etc!


  • If you’re interested in commissioning me at all, contact me through email or via discord if you know me there.
  • Payment is required before work begins. I am flexible to partial payments, typically 50% up front, 50% upon completion. Payments are done through paypal.
  • Some edits are allowed, but complete overhaul of any design will occur additional fees.
  • Because this is something I do in what free-time I have, on top of a day job, projects can take up to a month depending on what kind of commission it is and how many I have lined up already, as well as real life stuff. If you have a specific date you want something by, please let me know!
  • If you order, say, an emote, please talk to me before turning that emote into any kind of merch.
  • In general, commissions must follow the Twitch Terms of Service. If you’re unsure whether your commission request follows, just contact me and we’ll discuss!
  •  Commissions are often worked on on-stream! If you would like me to not stream it (because of, say, it being a present for another streamer), then let me know.
  • Any other questions, just reach out! The more questions I get, the more I can fill out this FAQ!